MKS-01SA1M is a “pocket” professional dosimeter-radiometer with every second continuous updating of the measurement result and indication of the current statistical error, as well as with speech and sound accompaniment of the measurement results.


Distinguishing features
Basic specifications
Radiometer awarded five Gold medals and Diplomas of the International Exhibitions: «METROLOGY 2007,2008»; «Laboratory Expo 2007»; «The MEASURE of 2008»;
«The international technical fair-2009». Plovdiv;  “ITEX 2011” in Malaysia


with voice output

The instrument has been registered in State register of instrumentation under № 33063-08.
Approval certificate of instrumentation type RU.C.38.002.A № 31090

MKS-01SA1M – a “pocket” professional dosimeter-radiometer provided with every second continuous updating of measuring result and indication of the current statistic error, as well as with the enriched speech and voice accompaniment of measuring results, intended for:

  • measuring of dose rate ambient equivalent of gamma- (X-rays) radiation;
  • measuring of dose ambient equivalent of gamma- (X-rays) radiation;
  • measuring of beta-particles flux density from contaminated surfaces;
  • evaluation of alpha-particles flux density;
  • survey of ionization radiation sources, monitoring of radioactive contamination in banknotes and on-line evaluation of the radiation situation

As per its specifications, the dosimeter-radiometer MKS-01SA1M fully complies with requirements stipulated in the instructions of Central bank RF №131-I dated 04.12.2007 «Manner of detection, temporary storage, cleaning and elimination of banknotes contaminated with radioactivity», came in force in RF on 03 February 2008.

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Download Dosimeter MKS-01SA1M Simulator
(The program is a programming model that runs on a PC (OS Windows), and behaves almost identically to the real device)

  • usability thanks to pocket size, optimal algorithm of the radiation background definition, availability of easily readable large two line alphanumeric liquid –crystal display with the highlight and easy control by means of only two feature-touch control buttons;
  • cyclic (with 1 minute interval) or in any time period (by the user’s request) speech insonation and voice evaluation of gamma-radiation dose rate measuring results:
    «Normal » – when the dose rate is up to 0,6 mcSv/hour;
    «Attention»- from 0,6 до1,2 mcSv/hour;
    «Dangerous» – more than 1,2 mcSv/hour;
  • sound and visual signaling on the radiation activity (sound -«clicks» is activated by the user’s request);
  • simultaneous indication of the measuring result on the display (gamma-radiation dose rate or flux density of beta- and alpha-particles) and its current statistic error in confidence interval 0,95;
  • fast automated change of instrument readings when measuring the radiation activity by more than twice mean square deviation of the measurement result (2d);
  • wide range of the dose rate (from 0,1mcSv/hour up to 10 mSv/hour) and dose measuring ;
  • compensation of the detector natural background;
  • adjustment of the display highlight duration (0s, 15s, 30s or 1 min);
  • wide temperature range of operation (from minus 20 up to +50 oС) ;
  • tone sound signaling when exceeding preset by the user thresholds of the dose rate or beta-particles flux density;
  • speech signaling when exceeding the upper limit measuring range of the dose, dose rate, flux density of beta- and alpha-particles «Result exceeds the measurement limits»;
  • storage of the accumulated dose when changing (absence) of the power supply elements for a prolong period (more than 5 years);
  • prolong time of continuous operation (more than 400 hours) from one set power supply elements;
  • speech («Replace the power supply elements») and visual (symbol «battery» on the display) signaling on low charge of the power supply elements

The instrument can be used in operation by NPP personnel and radiation monitoring services, Emergency control ministry, health, environment protection authorities, agricultural producers, builders, customs and other organizations, which are working, as a rule, under the normal conditions, but engaged in detection of local radiation sources or single objects, contaminated with radioactive nuclides.

Basic specifications
Dose measuring range, mcSv/h
Dose rate measuring range, mcSv/h
Photons energy range, MeV
from 0,001 up to 999,999
from 0,1 up to 9999,9
from 0,05 up to 3,0
Measuring range of beta-particles flux density (by 90Sr), part/(cm2*min) from 5 up to 3×104
The lower limit of the beta-radiation energy being registered, not more than, MeV 0,05
 Basic error in all measuring modes, % ±25
 Indication range of alpha-particles flux density (by 239Pu), part /(cm2*min) from 10 up to 3×104
 Natural background level:
– in «GAMMA» mode, mcSv/h, not more than
– in«BETA» mode, part /(cm2*min), not more than
 Dose rate measuring time, s: – when the background is more than 10 mcSv/h 5
 Dose rate thresholds setting range, mcSv/hour (with 0,1 mcSv/h step) from 0,1 up to 9999,9
 Beta-particles flux density thresholds setting range, part/(cm2*min), with 1,0 part/(cm2*min) step from 1 up to 30000
 Dose thresholds setting range, mSv (with 0,001 mSv step) from 0,001-up to 999,999
Speech output of the dose rate measuring result:
– automatically;
– manually
once per minute .
at any time
 Sound signaling on exceeding the preset threshold of the dose rate and the beta-particles flux densityInterrupted, with 1 s pause
 Speech messages:
– when the instrument is switched on;
– when the instrument is switched off;
– when exceeding the measuring limit of the dose rate, alpha- or beta-particles flux density;
– when exceeding the preset dose threshold
«Instrument is ready for operation»
«Instrument is off»
«Result exceeds the measuring limit»
«Dose threshold exceeding»
 Continuous operation time period, hour, not less than
– by 2 batteries of АА «DURACELL MN1500» type
– by AC 220V, 50 Hz (by voltage adapter)
Not limited
 Operation conditions:
– temperature, oС
– humidity at 30 oС, %
 from minus 20 up to+50oС
up to 95
 Overall dimensions, mm 112x65x30
 Mass, g, not more than 200