MKS-01CA1 is a professional miniature “talking” dosimeter-radiometer.


Distinctive features
Main technical characteristics

The instrument has been registered in State register of instrumentation under № 33063-08.
Approval certificate of instrumentation type RU.C.38.002.A № 31090

MKC-01СА1 – a professional miniature «speaking» dosimeter-radiometer, intended for measuring of the ambient dose and the ambient dose rate of the photon (gamma- and X-ray) radiation, for measuring of beta-particles flux density and for evaluation of alpha-particles flux density from contaminated surfaces and  for indication of the flow of ionizing particles, the search for sources of ionizing radiation, control of radioactive contamination of banknotes and their packages and operational assessment of the radiation situation.

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Download Dosimeter MKS-01SA1 Simulator
(The program is a programming model that runs on a PC (OS Windows), and behaves almost identically to the real device)

  • ease of operation thanks to pocket size, optimal the algorithm of definition of the radiation background, availability of easily readable large alphanumeric LCD display with backlight and ease of control;
  • voice dubbing and voice evaluation of the results of measurements of dose rate of gamma – radiation;
  • audible and visual alarm radiation intensity;
  • simultaneous display with backlight name of the mode of operation, results and units of measurement, current statistical error and analogue scale, the maximum value of which is determined by the established threshold alarm measured value;
  • fast change of instrument readings when statistically significant change of the intensity of the radiation;
  • tone sound signaling when exceeding a user-defined threshold dose, dose or beta – particles flux density;
  • storage in non-volatile memory of up to 2000 of the measurement results with the date and time of holding;
  • possibility of data exchange with a PC (via USB port).

Area of application

    • civil defense and emergency situations
    • service of radiation monitoring at nuclear power plants, industrial enterprises and medical radiological institutions

customs services

  • the search for sources ionizing radiation
  • detection of radioactive contamination of banknotes and their packages

Parameter description


Dose measuring range, mcSvfrom 1×10-3 to 1×103
Dose rate measuring range, mcSv/hfrom 0,1 to 1×104
Photons energy range, MeVfrom 0,05 to 3,0
Measuring range of beta-particles flux density (by 90Sr + 90Y),
min-1x sm-2
from 5 to 3×104
The lower limit of the beta-radiation energy being registered (by average energy of beta-spectrum 14 С), not more than, MeV0,05
The limit of permissible basic relative error in the confidence 0,95, %±25
Indication range of alpha-particles flux density (by 239Pu),
(min-1 x sm-2)
from 10 to 3×104
Indication range of ionization particles flux
(for  90Sr + 90Y), min-1
from 10 to 3×104
Operating mode setting time, min, not more than1
Continuous operation time period (when measuring at the level of the natural radioactive background),  hour:
– by 2 batteries of АА “DURACELL” type
– by AC 220V, 50 Hz (by voltage adapter) or from the PC
Not less than 400
Not limited
Dose rate measuring time, s, not more than:
– when the background is 0,15 (0,30) mcSv/h
– when the background is more than 1 mcSv/h
120 (60)
Dose rate thresholds setting range, mcSv/h  (with 0,1 mcSv/h step)from 0,1 to 104
Dose thresholds setting range, mSv (with 0,001 mSv step)from 1×10-3 to 103
Beta-particles flux density thresholds setting range, min-1 x sm-2
(1,0 min-1 x sm-2 step)
from 5 to 30000
Speech output of dose rate measuring resultAutomatic with intervals 30s, 60s or 120s.
Single-staged, at any time
Sound signaling activated when exceeding the preset the thresholds dose rate  and alpha- or beta-particles flux densityOn-off signal with 1 s interval
Sound messages:
–    when the instrument power supply is on;
–    when the instrument power supply is off;
–    when exceeding the measuring limit of the dose rate, alpha- or beta- flux density;
–    when exceeding the preset dose threshold
“Instrument is ready for operation”
“Instrument is off”
“Result exceeds the measuring limit”
“Dose threshold exceeding”
Intervals of records in the log, min1; 5; 30 or OFF
Log capacity, number of records2000
Operation conditions:
– temperature, oС
– humidity at 30 oС
from minus 20 up to +50 -2
up to 75 %
Overall dimensions, mm112x65x30
Mass, g, not more than200